Friday, 20 July 2012

Bokashi composting

Have been working in the garden today to clear a new area. I intend to dig a trench and fill it with compost from my Bokashi composter. This type of composter allows me to recycle meat and bones as well as green material. I am finished harvesting the redcurrants and am still picking blackcurrants. The raspberry and strawberry crop is enormous as I allow the plants to spread by themselves around the forest garden. I have made some redcurrant jelly and am beginning to make raspberry conserve. It is very easy to make the conserve; I put equal weights of berry and preserving sugar in a bowl and leave this in the fridge for 24 hours. This mix is boiled for 5 minutes the next day and returned to the fridge when cooled, for another day. It only takes a few minutes after this to bring the raspberry mix to setting point. Above is a picture of a frog in my greenhouse. There are very many of them in the garden , all different sizes and colours.

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