Friday, 17 August 2012

Dyer's chamomile.

I have previously posted a photo of Dyer's chamomile and would like to tell you some more about it.
It is a perennial plant thet flowers profusely. In fact, last year, the first year that I grew it, I was picking flowers all summer and even throughout much of the winter. I pick flowers as they appear, always leaving some for the insects, and put them in the south facing windowsill to dry. I then use the flowers for dyeing in the following manner: I firstly mordant my threads and fibres usually with Alum and then put a handful of flowers in a flask with some hot water. I then add the fibres and threads to the flask and leave them in it for several days. I have had great success with Merino wool , silk, cashmere and cotton dyed using this method. The colours from the flowers are a strong, vibrant bright yellow.

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