Wednesday, 8 August 2012

ramsey gardeners

The Ramsey Gardening Club kindly asked me back again to do a talk. this time based on natural dyeing. I brought along, as always, many pieces of my dyed felt projects for everyone to look at and feel. It was a very pleasant evening. I had my Rainforest hanging with me and described how it was worked. I did not felt this work but gathered together many plant  dyed wools, this time mostly dyed with ivy and snowberry branches, leaves and berries. I also used chiffons, organza, metallic braids and other fibres which I then tacked down onto a wool fabric background. I had picked up some hanks of dark brown wool thread which I opened up at the top and bottom and spread out to resemble branches and roots. The whole lot was then loosely tacked and then machine stitched with hand stitched embellishments. above is a further detail of Rainforest

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