Monday, 27 May 2013

Norwegian artists

A group of 31 Norwegian artists visited the Isle of Man during the first week of May. Many of them were felters, spinners and knitters. They visited attractions around the Island and went to a farm to see the Manx Loaghtan sheep. I arranged a buffet for them at the Pavillion restaurant in Laxey where a group of 14 artists, dyers, spinners and weavers had a chance to network with the visitors and show some of the work that is done on the Island. The food was excellent and there was a great atmosphere as we all forged new links and friendships. I am photographed on the right wearing my plant dyed stole alongside my friend Jenny another textile artist. Below left is Heather who makes exquisite plant dyed weavings of scenes and and animals of the Island. Below this is a picture of myself with Karin who arranged the trip from Norway. She is an exceptional felter and has a gallery in Norway where she runs courses in all aspects of art and craft. She presented me with some brown Norwegian cheese which is delicious and two hanks of grey wool from the wild Norwegian sheep which at one time were facing extinction. Luckily, as with the Loaghtan sheep there has been a breeding programe so that there are now healthy numbers of each breed.
Below right is a fine specimen of the Manx Loaghtan sheep which as well as providing wool has meat which is very tasty and healthy.
The other picture shows one of the wild Norwegian sheep which come in a variety of colours.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


WOSAT is the Western Open Studios Art Trail which was held over the last 4 days in Peel Isle of Man; an event run by the Creative Network in which 47 of its members took part. It involves work being displayed in galleries, shops, the Cathedral and open studios and demonstrations. I had the great pleasure of taking part in this event. I had two pieces of work in the Isle Gallery, one of them a block printed wallhanging called the Land of the Beaver and the Bear based on North West American Indian totems. I had a llama felted wallhanging, hand stitched and with Angelina fibres which was called Peel Cathedral Windows in the Cathedral itself. Yesterday and today I demonstrated at the Corrin hall with a group of other artists which was an amazing experience. We had hundreds of visitors and it was wonderful explaining about the felted and stitched work that I brought to show them. I have made many new friends. The top two photos on the left are from Peel Cathedral Windows llama felt. Below these are the Land of the Beaver and the Bear printed using water soluble printing inks. There is also a photo of me demonstrating in the Corrin Hall. I thought I would be able to do lots of stitching at the event but spent all of the two days talking about my work. I have started work on a white felted llama piece, another version of the Cathedral windows.