Sunday, 28 July 2013

Floral salad

This is the type of salad that I eat all year round, including many different leaves and flowers in season with only rarely a lettuce to be seen. This particular one has the following in it;
Japanese greens, American land cress, oregano, pot marjoram, curled mustard, salad burnet, fennel, red veined sorrel,nasturtium alaska leaves, sweet cicely, amaranth leaves, leaf beet and the following flowers;
Rampion, oregano and pot marjoram florets, nasturtium, mallow,  borage, evening primrose and meadow cranesbill.
As you can see it makes a wonderfully colourful palette especially when you include flowers of complementary colours. Some of the leaves are quite strong tasting on their own but when blended make a dish with subtle flavours. These are all growing in my garden and even when the snow is on the ground in the winter I can pick fresh salading. I also at various times of the year include what could be classed as weeds but to me they are a salad without any work attached. My garden is now at the stage where a large amount of self seeding occurs which also makes life easy.