Saturday, 17 November 2018

Africa exhibition

I have not been able to update my blog for 2 years due to organising the North Atlantic Native Sheep and wool conference which took place in October 2017. Some health issues since then have left me low on energy but I am pleased to say that I am recovering well now.
I have been working all of this year on my textile art leading to an exhibition near the end of March next year, the title being Africa. My partner for this exhibition is Janice Cottier a very talented quilter and embroiderer who lived in Lesotho for 10 years.
My new work is mostly hand stitched but as usual I have introduced mixed media with the textiles and I have enjoyed trying out experiments using African wax printed fabric which I have painted and manipulated.
Theinspiration for my part of the exhibition has been techniques used in African art, masks and the wildlife and flowers of the continent. I am making a number of small baskets made with faffia or African wax print fabric. These are very relaxing to make and can be picked up and worked on anywhere. A photo of one of the baskets is shown below.