Sunday, 4 May 2014

Art Society exhibition

As usual, the isle of Man Art Society's Easter Exhibition was a hugely popular event with over 400 paintings for sale, none of them having been seen before. This year there was a trial run of a craft stall and there were prints available of some of the paintings. I exhibited 3 pictures, all of them sold. They were mixed media, photo transfer onto tissue paper and then hand stitched. The subject matter was my trip a few years ago to Marrakech. I had so many wonderful photos it was difficult to decide which to include.The 3 I chose are shown below. One is of a lantern shop in the Souk with a wonderful array of lamps in many shapes and sizes. Whenever I see them for sale at home it brings back immediate memories of Morocco. Another picture was of a shop that sold hand woven carpets, paintings and wonderful jewellery. I bought 2 silver bracelets there, one for myself and 1 for my daughter and my friend Jenny who I travelled with bought a carpet. The final piece of work was a fortunate spotting of a pot in a window down a small road in Marrakech, it just looked so perfect in it's setting that I wanted to do some embroidery on it.
All three woks have now been sold.