Saturday, 20 February 2021

Cards depicting herbs

 I am intending to make a new line in my online shop. These will be cards depicting herbs, many of which I grow in my forest garden. I also started a very popular herb group in the Isle of Man U3A but have had to step back from it reecently due to health reasons. I use the herbs for many puposes, for medicines, food, dyes but mainly to attract wildlife to my garden. I have around 60 fruit trees and very many different varieties of fruit bushes which the birds, wasps and bees like to share in. 

Due to the cold weather we have had in the last few weeks I have been throwing wild bird seeds on the frozen ground and now have 4 hen pheasants, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, robins, sparrows and dunnocks coming to my whistle as they know that there is plenty of food to go round. The bird hangers have peanuts, fat balls and sunflower seeds.

The card below is a depiction of Echinacea made from wet felted merino wools and mounted on a deckle edged card. It is for sale in my online shop

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